Standard Rates

Since a customized training/nutrition/recovery plan is the key to maximum results, every Functional Elements training client begins with private one-on-one consultation and comprehensive testing. Only after we have this baseline, can we customize a program built for you - and only you! And following one training cycle (typically 8-10 weeks for maximum results), we re-assess your body and the changes that have occurred - and design a new program to take the next step!

Phase I: Fitness Consultation, Testing, Analysis & Program Design

Option 1 (standard + nutrition): $225

  • One-on-one interview and consultation
  • Comprehensive fitness testing & analysis (including InBody 570 analysis)
  • Custom program design and development
  • One-on-one nutrition consultation (with registered/licensed dietitian)
  • Access to FAB 14 Nutrition Reboot program (digital course)

Option 2 (standard + nutrition + metabolic testing): $399

  • Option 1 plus ...
  • Comprehensive metabolic testing & analysis

Phase II: Custom Training

1-on-1 Training (60-minute sessions): $68/session ($65/session with pre-purchase of 16 or more sessions)

2-on-1 Training (60-minute sessions): $42/session/person ($84 total)


3-on-1 Training (60-minute sessions): $35/session/person ($105 total)


4-on-1 Training (60-minute sessions): $30/session/person ($120 total)


* There is a $10/session fee for off-site training.

Phase III: Re-Assess

Fitness Re-Assessment Consultation, Analysis, and Program Development = $65