Give your body what it needs, when it needs it.

It's a philosophy that is a foundation of Functional Elements, and in no part of our business is it more prevalent than when it comes to nutrition.

Nutrition is an integral part of our 3-pronged strategy, and customization is key. Whether we aid clients for only nutrition, or integrate a meal plan into a comprehensive training program, it all starts with a 60-minute interview and analysis with a registered/licensed dietitian. The result? The buildout of a custom meal plan that breaks down not only what to eat (down to the brands you should be looking for), but when and why.

But a custom meal plan is only as good as the 'expert' who designs it. At Functional Elements, our nutrition department is backed by the finest university-degreed and registered/licensed dietitian, Jaime Rothermich. From pro athletes to complex medical issues, Rothermich has designed thousands of successful meal programs over the last ten years.

Initial Consultation & Custom Meal Program Design: $80.00

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