The Functional Elements Process

Personal training is only as good as the program that it follows. And the program is only as good as the protocol that helps build it. 

That's why we believe our process is so effective - because it's every bit as important to us as the individual training sessions themselves. 

I. INITIAL ASSESSMENT. Every new client goes through it and results form the foundation of everything we do moving forward. Three different modules are included (noted below) to make sure we understand each client from multiple angles. 

a) Biometric Assessment (including InBody 570 body composition analysis)

b) Mobility Module 

c) Nutrition Module (with our registered/licensed dietitian, Jaime Rothermich)

The results are analyzed, goals are set and the program is designed for an 8-10 week window of optimized training and nutrition. 

II. 1-on-1 or Small Group Training. Depending on the program, goals and budget, most clients train with us 1-4 times per week. Every trainer at Functional Elements is university-degreed and certified. 

III. Re-Assessment. At the end of a client's training program, it is time to re-assess, measure progress and use the NEW data to develop a NEW individualized program. Training sessions resume and the cycle is repeated.