The Functional Elements Philosophy

Our philosophy at Functional Elements is pretty simple:


In other words, we believe in movement - and maximizing it through the different stages of life. (Because let's face it, life can be a lot less interesting from the sidelines.)

Our clients want to remain active. They want to keep hiking or biking. They want to keep playing with their kids. Some may want to keep playing sports, and almost all want to keep going on vacations. Quite simply, whether it's a client in their 20's or 70's, they want to keep moving.

Of course, most of our clients have their own personal goals as well. Some may want to lose weight or body fat. Some may want to gain muscle or simple 'feel better.' While we make these individual client goals the top priority when designing and implementing programs, we do so under an overarching umbrella of mobility. 

And guess what ... it all kinda works together anyway.

The more mobile we are, the more efficient our bodies are. And the more efficient our bodies are, the quicker and easier we can achieve personal goals.