Welcome to Functional Elements - Bemiston Tower

Functional Elements is excited to partner with Altus Properties and establish a satellite operation in Clayton, MO as the exclusive personal training provider to all tenants inside the Bemiston Tower fitness center. 


About Functional Elements

Functional Elements is a private training and nutrition firm located in Creve Coeur, MO. We 'TRAIN FOR LIFE', designing and implementing customized 8-10 week training programs that filter personal goals and objectives through an overarching umbrella of mobility.

Why? Because movement = life. 


Program & Services

The Functional Elements' process is highly customized to the individual client and utilizes a thorough assessment protocol to design the optimal program for individualized results. And for optimal results, we also align training with nutrition by including a front-end consultation with our own registered and licensed dietitian.

     Phase I: Initial Assessment

        A. Fitness Assessment

  • 60-minute appointment with trainer including InBody 570 scan
  • Assessment analysis by trainer
  • Program design

        B. Nutrition Assessment & Planning

  • 30-minute nutrition analysis and consultation with Jaime Rothermich, RD, LD; preview FAB 14 Nutrition Re-Boot digital course 
  • 6-month access to proprietary and customizable FAB 14 Nutrition Boot Camp digital course

     Phase II: Program Implementation (Training)

  • 8-10 week implementation for optimal results

     Phase III: Re-Assessment

  • For benchmarking, revised goal setting and fresh program design
  • Repeat cycle



Clients choose how many times per week they wish to train with us to fit their budget and schedule. If a program calls for three days per week and a client only wishes to train once or twice, we'll fill the gap by prescribing 'at-home' or 'on-your-own' training days.

In addition, we have some clients who do not train with us at all. Instead, they use us strictly for continual assessment and program design and implement training strictly on their own.


Myofascial Recovery Sessions

We call them MYO sessions for short. These sessions include targeted muscle pressure and stretching focused on relaxing contracted muscles, improving circulation, expanding range of motion, and stimulating stretch reflex.

During these sessions there are no weights. No cardio. Just you and your Functional Elements trainer focused solely on relieving your tight, sore muscles, primarily with the aid of foam and calf rollers.

Many clients begin to feel relief during/after one session. But, as with training and nutrition, it's ultimately a longer-term effort. 



Initial Fitness Assessment: $225

Personal Training: 

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training: $70/hr
  • 2-on-1 Small Group Training: $45/hr/ea.
  • 3-on-1 Small Group Training: $35/hr/ea.
  • 4+, contact for pricing

Re-assessment (including new program design): $70

Group Fitness Classes: TBD

Myofascial Recovery Session (30 minutes): $35


Current Availability

Tuesdays: 8:30am - 2:30pm

Thursdays: 7:30am - 2:30pm

We plan on this schedule to be temporary, expanding with client demand. If you have interest in training with us but need an alternate day/time, please contact us (contact info below). 


Program Manager - Ryan Page

Credentials: BS in Exercise Science, PPSC, CSCS, TPI Certified Professional

Phone: 314.610.3345 (call or text)

Email: functionalelements@gmail.com

For more information on Ryan and the entire Functional Elements' team, click here. 


What would YOU like to see?

We are excited to kick off our partnership with Altus Properties and the Bemiston Tower community. While we have a plan and process for introduction, we are open to suggestions for services and scheduling as we design a program that best fits tenant needs. If you have questions or suggestions, we're all ears! Contact Ryan Page directly at 314.610.3345 (text or call) or functionalelements@gmail.com