What's the #1 Reason People Don't See Results in the Gym?

Obviously there are many factors that go into seeing or not seeing results. But if I could pick one, it's consistency.

First off, it's consistency of training. Different clients and client goals require varying training frequencies. If a program I prescribe calls for three times a week and it's only getting done twice a week, results will be off.

That's pretty obvious. But there's another element of consistency that's even more important. Recovery.

The are 3 main factors that affect recovery: nutrition, sleep, and stress/ hormonal levels. In our assessments and re-assessments at Functional Elements, we ask clients to rate their consistency in each of these three areas. By a landslide, those clients who rate themselves higher correlate with better results. The impact is huge.

One other thing. While consistency is my choice for biggest factor, I'm assuming that a client is training the right program. A program accurately prescribed for their body and their goals. That's the initial foundation each person should have before consistency can REALLY do its thing.

Tony Muyco III, CSCS
Director of Training
Functional Elements Training + Nutrition Center