Introducing Myofascial Recovery Sessions

Fitness is as much (if not more) about recovery as it is working out. 
That means nutrition and sleep. 
But sometimes, it also means a little extra. 
Muscles get tight, especially as we get older. They may feel stiff and restricted from both physical, and emotional, wear and tear. 
This restriction can often lead to pain. 
That's why Functional Elements now offers 30-min, 1-on-1, Myofascial Recovery Sessions. These sessions include targeted muscle pressure and stretching focused on relaxing contracted muscles, improving circulation, expanding range of motion, and stimulating stretch reflex (and reducing stiffness/pain). 
No weights. No cardio. Just 30-minutes of you and your trainer focused solely on relieving your tight, sore muscles. 
The goal? Less restriction and less pain. Many clients begin to feel relief during/after one session, but as with your workouts and nutrition, it's ultimately a long-term game. 
Wanna try it? A 30-minute session is just $35.00. 
Contact us for availability.