What's Jaime Eatin'? Dave's Killer Bread

What am I eatin' today? Well, this one you may be a bit surprised by. It's bread. More specifically, Dave's Killer Bread. 

I like it, a lot, due to the "gun show" Dave's giving us on the package! 

But I also like it because, what, am I never gonna have a sandwich again in my life? Never gonna have toast with peanut butter again? (Oh so tasty!)

The honest truth is that even as a dietitian, I love these things. I may not have them often, but I'm human, and I certainly want to occasionally! 

But when I choose to have bread, I want a QUALITY bread. For me, Dave's Killer fits the bill. It has some good ingredients. It doesn't make me feel too heavy. It's not too thick. And it's very tasty. 

Where do I find it? Usually Fresh Thyme. Nowadays though, you can find Dave's Killer just about anywhere. 

Does it fit the buckets of the FAB 14?

No ... not in the initial 14 days of the program at least. But it's something you can test out as you complete the initial 14 days and begin to expand your buckets. 

So, eat with a purpose and continue to give your body what it needs when it needs it. And look for Dave and his "guns" next time you hit the grocery store. 

Jaime Rothermich