Can Osteoporosis Be Beat? Elaine Thinks So.

One of the coolest parts of our job at Functional Elements is seeing the results of our clients firsthand.
The wins. The progress. The triumphs.
We'd love to share a recent example of such triumphs ... not only because of how AWESOME it is but because we think it's pretty darn inspirational, especially to our female clientele ...
Meet Elaine (pictured above with Ryan). After a bone density test many months back she was on the fringe of osteoporosis. Her bone density T-score had declined to a -2.3, and according to the World Health Organization, a T-score of -2.5 and below reflects osteoporosis. (See…/diagnosis-i…/bone-density-examtesting/)
Since Elaine has been with us at FE, she's been on a mission. Strength training, specifically, has been a core focus. And guess what ... it's paid off.
As of last week, she was able to IMPROVE her T-score to a -1.8!
Simply AMAZING results and proof that strength training can have VERY healthy consequences with women (and certainly men as well). Strength training doesn't have to be about getting big or bulky as is the fear of so many women that we encounter. Done right, it's integral to bone health. It's integral to longevity. And more and more, science is proving it.
Elaine, these results made our day and they reflect the commitment you have made to strength training. Well done. Let's keep crushing it and keep this momentum going!