20% of Females Weight Train: Here's Why That Needs To Change!


Everyone needs to weight train, male or female. Period.

There are just too many great health benefits to ignore it ...ESPECIALLY if you are a woman. I'll get into some of those in just a second.

But first, let me set the record straight.

One of the reasons I hear most from females about why they DO NOT want to weight train is a fear of getting big and bulky.

Weight (or a more preferred term, resistance) training does have to mean this - unless you really want it to!

First off, women tend NOT to bulk up like their male counterparts because they are built differently. Typically, women have less (about 10-30x) hormones that cause the "bulking up."

Of course, it's also about the right program. A well-written fitness program for someone who doesn't want to bulk up is much different than one written for someone who has the objective of bulking up.

OK - I feel better now that we have cleared that up and hopefully you do to.

Now let's talk benefits.

Increased muscle has a direct correlation to increased muscle mass, which helps burn body fat.

Who doesn't want to burn more unwanted body fat??

And how about bone mineral density? Well, about 20% of women age 50+ have osteoporosis, and half of women 50 or older are estimated to have low bone mass.

Research done by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that one can increase bone mineral density by 13% in 6 months by beginning a weight/resistance training program just 2-3x per week.

Easy, right? (But again, make sure it's the RIGHT program for YOU, YOUR body & YOUR goals).

When should you start a resistance training program? Well, sooner the better ...

Bone mineral density tends to peak around age 30. The sooner weight training is incorporate in a lifestyle, the more the benefits are reaped for your bones.

Resistance training also strengthens tendons and ligaments, which prevents injuries and helps fights arthritis. Stronger bones and more muscle mass leads to better flexibility and balance, which all of us need.

I could go on and on with benefits ... importance of strength as we get older, it fights diabetes, helps to improve cholesterol profile and blood pressure, helps mental health, etc, etc, etc.

Ladies, it's time for a mindset change. Fitness is more than ellipticals, treadmills and cardio classes. It is a well-rounded program of fitness, nutrition and recovery. And when it comes to fitness - resistance training is where it should all begin!

For those ladies that have incorporated resistance training into your overall program, well done. You're ahead of the game. Keep it up!

- Tony Muyco, Director of Training, Functional Elements