If You Are Doing What You Know You Can Do, Are You Evolving?

Does anyone really LIKE to get uncomfortable?

Not usually. Comfort is ... well ... comfy! We love to focus on what we CAN do rather than on what we 'think' we CAN'T.

Interval training when you are used to walking? Oooph. Graduating to a 15lb dumbbell when you are used to a 10lb? Yikes! Or how about adding squat jumps to your leg routine when you are used to traditional leg press? Scary stuff!

When it comes to your fitness, continual progress needs variation. Breaking through that plateau needs challenge. Otherwise, the body adapts (it's crazy how smart and responsive our bodies are).

Of course, optimal results are about more than just change for the sake of change.

Your program needs to be designed right, for YOU, and the specific variables that make up YOUR body and life. That's why the Functional Elements foundation is based on testing. And that's why we do it with each client, typically, every 8-10 weeks.

You don't have to LOVE getting uncomfortable. Just be open to it. Like I said, the body adapts quick. So, today's discomfort can quickly become tomorrow's comfort.

Embrace change to reap the best rewards!


-Tony Muyco
Functional Elements Director of Training