In These Stressful Times, We Gotta MOVE

Anyone else out there stressed?
I am. (Thanks a lot COVID-19!)
That's why, locked at home or not, I find ways to KEEP MOVING!
And you should too.
Here's the scoop. Movement/exercise increases blood flow, not only to targeted muscles but also to the brain.
Plus, when we create movements that involve patterns, it can benefit not only specific muscle groups but also your central nervous system. This helps relieve stress and improve overall wellness.
BUT BEWARE. Do not let exercise compound your existing stress level. That means listening to your body.
For example, if you already feel run down, an intense session could ADD rather than relieve stress.
In these cases, it's possible that yoga, a walk or a shorter workout might actually be more efficient.
I say 'possible' because everyone is different. That's why understanding YOUR body and giving it what it needs, when it needs it, is so important.
Bottom line, exercise is our ally in these stressful times. Use it. And, as always, if you need a resource to game plan for YOU and YOUR body, we happen to know of a good one!
Tony Muyco, III, CSCS
Director of Training
Functional Elements Training & Nutrition