Be Proactive in Building Your Immune System

Wash hands 🖐 ... avoid touching our faces 🙂 ... stay home 🏠 when we are sick ...

Great suggestions to help in this rough time we are in. But there's another, proactive step that can be taken that we don't hear quite enough about. And that is strengthening our own immune systems.

Of course, it all begins with the right nutritional habits 🥕🥕(which our FE dietitian, Jaime Rothermich, RD, LD helps clients with). But I'm here to talk about another proactive response - EXERCISE!

💪As we train, heavy, deep and concentrated breathing can help your lung flush out bacteria and viruses.

💪Training helps to stimulate white blood cell function, which helps the body defend against infection and disease.

💪Exercise raises your body temperature which can help prevent bacteria from growing and better manage infection.

💪Exercise can help regulate stress which can have a direct affect on a stronger immunity to infectious disease.

💪Exercise helps the body circulate immune cells through the lymphatic system which will help the body fight infectious cells.

Keep doing everything you can to keep yourself and your families safe, not only from COVID-19 but a long list of infectious disease. But put your body first. Give it what it needs, when it needs it, and let its wonderful, natural and very powerful defense mechanisms work in your favor.

Remember, when we train at Functional Elements, we #TrainForLife.

Tony Muyco III, CSCS
Functional Elements Training and Nutrition Center
Partner and Director of Training