Can Your Body 'Forget' How To Relax?

Yep, it's possible!

When muscles are in a state of constant tightness, tightness can become the 'norm' and your body can decide to remain in that state.

No fun, right? The trouble is, because it has become the norm, we kinda forget about it and think it's no big deal. We lose the ability to relax properly in order to allow the body to recover as needed.

It's kinda of similar to being inactive or out of shape for a significant period of time. When inactive, the mind and body are in a constant state of feeling tired. Muscles can atrophy. The mind and body simply forget what having more energy and being leaner/stronger can feel like. Again, it becomes the norm.

Your muscle tissue can be in a similar state of constant tightness. The fascia around the muscle becomes tight and can restrict blood flow and mobility. Without exercise, stretching, and recovery techniques such as myofascial recovery sessions (or MYO as we like to call 'em at Functional Elements), tightness becomes the “norm” and your mind and body simply do not know any better.

The good news? We can remind it.

That's why MYO sessions at Functional Elements have been such an important addition to our offering. And if you're one of our clients who have experienced a session, you know what I'm talking about!

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Tony Muyco
Functional Elements Director of Training