#WouldJaimeEatIt: Gaia Golden Milk


The Good:
Gaia Golden Milk is milk by name only ... it is actually a supplemental powder. The powder is organic, soy free and non-GMO. It contains just three ingredients that I really like: 1) turmeric, which is used for its anti-inflammatory properties, 2) black pepper, which is thought to stoke our digestive fires and 3) a fun little ingredient called ashwagandha root, thought to decrease cortisol and balance out thyroid hormones. In the past it has also been used to enhance immune systems.

The Bad:
I had to dig on this one a bit... there's not a whole lot wrong with this product that I can see. I did find out that it contains non-GMO maltodextrin, which basically is just sugar. However, the amount is so small that I'm not overly concerned.

The Verdict:
The verdict is that I would definitely try this supplement. The product is brand new to me and I haven't yet had a chance to try it, but based on the nutritional panel I feel comfortable with it and intend on giving it a shot.

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