Reps for Kids Set for January 21st

January 21st is REPS for KIDS at Functional Elements - and proceeds from your training will go toward supporting an AWESOME cause!
REPS for KIDS is all about giving back. On this day, Functional Elements trainers will not charge a fee. In lieu of normal fees, clients are welcome to make a donation - preferably in the amount of your normal visit (or more, or less, depending on what you would like to give) - to Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital ( We will collect donations in the form of check or cash at Functional Elements that day, and submit directly to Ranken Jordan on behalf of all that supported this event.
It's that simple. Training will be booked on this day between the hours of 6:00am and 2:00pm in 30 minute sessions. Clients are invited to double up (if you have a family member, friend, etc that you would like to train with) as we look to get more people involved in this great cause. If you are already scheduled for this day, the free session in lieu of a donation applies to you as well!
All who make a donation will be entered for special giveaways (including hard-to-get Functional Elements swag), and we'll have smoothies from Smoothie King on hand for some refreshing recovery.
To reserve your spot, contact your Functional Elements trainer or phone Jaime at 314-518-4875. We're looking forward to training with you for a great cause!